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MPC Self Custody
Enterprise-level MPC Wallet: One of the most secure wallets currently available that allows users to self-manage their private keys
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Distributed storage capabilities for private key
ChainUp Custody's implementation of the MPC technology ensures that users' investment assets are under the protection of the highest security level in the market. User's private key will be managed jointly by the user and ChainUp Custody, and the user will have complete control over assets and may use them at any time without limitation. MPC technology not only makes recovery easier but also increases security by removing the single point of failure of a private key.
Transaction Monitoring and Auditing for the whole process
Private Key Generation
Private key shards distribution
Private key shards: Stored by user
Private key shards are generated and stored by the client and used to initiate all interactions and complete transaction signatures.
Users have 100% control over their assets
Private key shards: Stored by ChainUp Custody
Private key shards are securely stored and managed by ChainUp Custody.
Combining hardware isolation technology for distributed storage
Protecting data security with disaster recovery back-up
All private keys are completely managed by users
Co-signature: Combination of private key shards
Verify Transaction
Not just efficient, but also secure
For institutional investors, the safekeeping of keys, addresses, and digital assets is essential to their business operations.
ChainUp Custody's solutions: MPC Self-Custody provides users a set of secure on-chain asset management system, offering multi-layered security and tailored management solutions for users' assets, private keys management and disaster recovery.
Integrated System for Security and Compliance
Incorporate compliance checks into every transaction
Easily utilize compliance services with the MPC wallet, enabling real-time transaction filtering, risk scoring, and compliant operations for all address transactions. Each transaction will be automatically processed based on the risk transaction policy you configure, preventing assets from being sent to risky addresses.
Easily configure transaction policies based on business needs
MPC wallet users can set up precise approval flows for key risk control scenarios such as transactions and core operations, combined with features like transaction whitelisting, to achieve precise asset control and governance.
Trading data protection
MPC allows each co-signing component to audit which of the keys participated in the signing but the nature of the MPC protocol does not require participants to reveal their secret share to others, which means that every party’s input is kept private. In addition, the signature-generating parties are not exposed or visible over the network. MPC addresses the problem of enabling collaboration between different parties while providing trustworthy records and preserving the privacy of their individual data.
Fast application development
You do not have to deal with the technicalities involved in securing your crypto assets as ChainUp Custody will take care of the whole process. It enables easy access, especially for new users.
Competitive Advantage of Self-custody MPC Wallet
Effective management of multiple addresses
Lower miners’ fee
More operational flexibility and scalability
Stronger blockchain compatibility
24/7 support from experts
Secure storage of private keys
Distributed storage of private keys
Eliminate single points of failure
100% control by users
Free from third-party risks
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