Institutional digital asset custody and
financial service platform

Professional services for corporate clients such as exchanges, brokerages, funds, mining pools, etc.

Digital Asset Custody

Provides custody service for 200+ main chains (tokens unlimited). Ensure the security of assets, including maintaining the main chain and node servers


Flexible management of approval number of people, quota for withdrawal and other strategies meet the needs of safe withdrawal for multiple scenarios.

Node Service

Provides node service of 200+ main chains, improving the efficiency of withdrawal and deposit, saving nearly 50% of the costs in server and labor.

Financial Derivatives

Provide multi-currency flexible cycle of derivative services (such as


Security is never as simple as it looks like.
Flexible configuration of withdrawal limit of coins, approval member and other information
Withdrawal Strategies
It supports multi-person fund management and multi-person approval for withdrawal.
KYC authentication information, Google authenticator and YUBI hardware authentication
Security Authentication
Data Desensitization
Encrypted display of important information and data
Automatic reconciliation system, real-time monitoring of account funds and accurate accounting ensure that each fund is clear
Reconciliation System
Audit System
The whole link monitoring of business system behaviors ensures that each step of operation is complete and effective
AML, coin charging traceability, remote operation certification, hot and cold wallets….
Risk Control System
Early Warning System
According to the alarm evaluation system, abnormal behaviors and data should be warned in advance to prevent them from happening.
Both core data storage and interaction are encrypted by multi-layers by the encryption equipment
Encryption Equipment
Authority System
Decentralized distribution of authority for employees, systems, etc. improves security while satisfying efficiency
Stable and safe operation for 1787 days, 500+ customers.

Crypto Exchange

One-step integration, sharing all main chains, reduce development time and maintenance costs.

Asset Management Platform

Co-Wallet solves the problem of multi-party trust while improving capital utilization.

Token Funds/Brokers

Provides multi-account system, risk control system, reduce self-dev cost and risk.


Allow assets to flow quickly and be stored safely。And experience leading functions.


Help customers to surf in the blockchain without a blockchain engineer.

Blockchain Tech Team

Sharing tech-resources, win-win cooperation, promote the development of the industry.

ChainUP Custody
Cohesion can assign, cooperative innovation, connected to every thing
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